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Services or Offerings?
For WiFi, Temporary, guest, network, distribution group access requests

This is a request for assistance with issues Admissions, Applications, and other web services for SJRState Students.

For issues with Canvas and other SJRState Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The teaching equpiment in a classroom is having either sound or visual errors.

Any IT related equipment is having an error of some sort in a Classroom.

This is a service for upgrading or replacing currently in-place computers, accessories, and peripherals.

For issues/service in Apex, process, and other Departmental systems.

For service requests related to Duo / 2FA

For assistance with Exchange, Office 365, and external mail.

Request I.T. Equipment Loan

For general computer hardware issues

Request I.T. Helpdesk Support / Submit a Helpdesk Ticket

Assistance for connectivity on an SJR State campus

A request to move I.T. equipment from one location to another

For currently registered students having issues with their login credentials.