General I.T. Helpdesk Ticket

What is this service?

A general request that might not fit other types. For any issues regarding SJRstate I.T.-related services. Not sure what kind of ticket you're submitting? This is the request for you! Our technicians will sort everything out after gathering information.

Who is this service for?

Faculty, Staff, and anyone requesting assistance or service from the I.T. Department at SJR State

How do I request this service?

Use the "Request Assistance" button on this page, e-mail "" , or call the Helpdesk at 386-312-4142

What information is needed?

Name of person requesting assistance, computer name/location if applicable, general description of the issue.

What happens after I make my request?

A Helpdesk Technician will gather information about your request using the contact information you submit, and perform work or assign ticket to appropriate area.

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Service ID: 45398
Thu 8/27/20 3:55 PM
Fri 9/2/22 8:46 AM