E-mail (Exchange / O365)

What is this service?

A request for additions, changes, or access to E-mail and Calender-related resources. Shared Calendars, Public Folders, Distribution Groups, and Room Resources are examples.

Who is this service for?

Faculty and Staff using on-campus SJRState computers. Some requests on personal devices can be accomodated if the change is primarily on the network rather than the device.

How do I request this service?

Use the "Request Service" button on this page, e-mail "ITDepartment@SJRState.edu" , or call the Helpdesk at 386-312-4142

What information is needed?

Sender Address, Subject, Date/Time email sent

What happens after I make my request?

We will release the email and relay the root problem in case the recipient needs to make changes on their end

Request Service


Service ID: 45845
Mon 9/21/20 9:20 AM
Fri 8/13/21 9:21 AM