Unofficial Transcript Requests

What is this service?

A request for Unofficial Transcripts.

Who is this service for?

Students, Faculty and Staff who also have taken class with SJRState.

How do I request this service?

Give the Student Helpdesk a call at 386-312-4142, or request a callback with the "Request Transcripts" button on this page.

What information is needed?

Have your Name, Last address you had on file with SJRState, DOB, and Last four of your SSN on hand. 

What happens after I make my request?

A Helpdesk Technician will give an itemized list of what needs to be done in what order when you call the Helpdesk at 386-312-4142, or when they reach out to you after you fill out your request.

Request Transcripts


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Mon 9/21/20 8:10 AM
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