Staff/Faculty: Password Requirements and How to Reset an Expired Password Off Campus


Basic steps for an off-campus password expiration for Staff and Faculty.


This is a self-help guide for resetting a password that has expired when not on a SJRState Campus network/computer. This is for Staff and Faculty.

Remember, it should be something easy for you to remember but hard for others to guess!

Is my Password Expired?

Is my Password expired? If any of these are true, then possibly your expiry date has passed.

  1. It has been 45-60 days since your password has been changed/updated
  2. Your known-good password no longer works
  3. Your password worked very recently

Password Requirements

  • Your password must be at least 12 characters in length.
  • Your password must include at least 3 of the following 4 character classes to meet complexity requirements:
    • At least one uppercase letter (A-Z).
    • At least one lowercase letter (a-z).
    • At least one number (0-9).
    • At least one special character from these: 
  • Avoid using characters $ and <. There are some of our internal systems that will error if your password includes them when logging in.
  • Avoid using parts of your personal information in the password:
    • Username or Account Name : Your username cannot be a part of the password.
    • Name/Username: Your password cannot include your name, username, or any significant part of them.  Only parts that are three characters or longer are checked. For example, if your name is "John A. Smith", "John" and "Smith" would be checked against the password, but "A" would not because it is too short.
  • Your new password cannot be the same as any of your last 10 passwords.

Where to update Expired Password Online (Webmail)

You can reset your password by going to the Outlook Web for SJRState. You can get there directly through this link:

Alternatively: The "Web Access" link in the "Staff/Faculty E-mail" section of the Contacts page, available in the upper-right hand corner of

Web Access link picture description, directly underneath "Staff/Faculty Email" in Contacts page of


Uploaded Image (Thumbnail)

You will be prompted to sign in. We recommend you try using your old password to try and sign in and start the password change process. 

In the username field you will need to put 'admin\' before putting your domain username (the first initial, last name and possible number combination). example admin\jdoe1 (this is an example)

Try the password you think to be your current password. If it accepts it you will be prompted to change your password, if not please call the helpdesk at the number below.


What if I need additional assistance?

SJRstate IT is here to help! Reach out to us by:

  • Calling the Helpdesk at (386)312-4142
  • E-mailing
  • Using the Help Portal at , and filing a service request ticket for the appropriate service. If you're not sure which service to use, you can submit a general request with the button below and we'll categorize it for you!


Submit General I.T. Helpdesk Ticket (Staff And Faculty)




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