How to Secure an Adobe/PDF document in Adobe Acrobat


Instructions on how to password-protect an Adobe Acrobat PDF file using Adobe Acrobat.


How to Secure a Document in Adobe Acrobat​​​

  1. Open the document, then "File" in the menu bar, then select "Properties".
    Screenshot of Acrobat's "File" menu, with "Properties" menu item selected
  2. Once the Properties window opens, select the Security tab. Security Method needs to be set to Password Security. A window will open when selecting this.
    Screenshot of "Document Properties" pop-up in Acrobat. With "Security Method" dropdown box expanded, and "Password Security" option selected within
  3. Check the Require a password to open the document box. (c)
    Screenshot of "Password Security - Settings" pop-up window, with "Require a password to open the document" checkbox checked, and "Document Open Password" field filled
  4. Create a password. The password rating will be displayed on the right by a color bar. (Weak = Red, Medium = Blue, Strong = Dark Green and Best = Bright Green.) The stronger the password the closer it will get to green. Strive to have a Strong or Best password.
  5. A prompt will open to confirm the password. Type it in again and click ok.
    Screenshot of "Adobe Acrobat - Confirm Document Open Password" pop-up window
  6. Click Ok to close.
  7. Click Save if prompted. This password will now be required to open this document.


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